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Model-Specific Repairs: Mercedes and BMW

Mercedes Balance Shaft Gear Failure and Repair on V-6 M272 and V-8 M273 Engines. This is a common problem on 2007 and later years for Mercedes-Benz 5.5 and 3.5 engines. The gear was outsourced to a company that did not get its metallurgy process correct, so it wears down prematurely. This causes camshaft timing to be forced to its maximum limit, causing the engine light to come on. If left unrepaired too long, it will clog up the oil pickup-- causing catastrophic engine failure.

A modern V10 BMW engine came in with a stuck open fuel injector, which causes excessive fuel to enter the cylinder. The engine light comes on, and the vehicle smokes. Good news is that if the vehicle is shut down and towed in for repairs, you can avoid a catastrophic failure (even though it's rarely an inexpensive repair). If driving is continued, the oil thins and the bearings crankshaft and cams wear out and passages become clogged with debris. This results in having to replace an engine to the tune of $28,000 versus only about $3,500 for Injectors, tune-up, and servicing.

New repair process to fix a common ABS problem on 1999-2004 Discovery Series 2 has enabled us to reduce the cost of a shuttle valve switch fault significantly, and eliminates the weak point of the system to make the repair permanent. The "three amigos" (abs, t/c, decent warning lamps) will never again illuminate for a shuttle valve-related fault due to circuit connectivity.

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